Abayashram Rehabilitation Center started in 11th September 1998 to provide free residential care, treatment and follow up for mentally ill and vagrant women.


Between the year 1998 to 2020 a total of 500 women underwent treatment and rehabilitation 468 have been reintegrated with  their family after recovery. The inmates who families were not able to trace are put other institutional are .Every month consultant psychiatrists visits all the inmates at Abayashram,their support relating to  drugs and medicine  come from the whitefield memorial church, Bangalore,and for expenses such as food clothing and rest, supporters and friends assist us. presently accomodating 47 such cases with 30% of VDRL postive.


Some of the women before coming to Abayashram and while returning back to their families after rehabilitation:


Rehabilitation Results


Before and After Before and After Before and After


Before and After Before and After Before and After
....there are more and our work make Abhayashram a lasting reality and an abode for many under privileged women, we need your support today.