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VISION INDIA - Humanism For Peace - Since 1996

In response to the alarming rate of increase in the incident of cases of mental illness especially among women VISION INDIA has been running a transitional home called "Abayashram " in Kattamnallur, Bangalore.

This area of relief and rehabilitation of mentally challenged and vagrant women has of late occupied the utmost priority of VISION INDIA. This is indeed a real challenge; and rejection by people in the previous base has not deterred our spirits. This rehabilitation center for mentally ill and vagrant women provides residential care and treatment.


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Christmas was celebrated at Abayashram on 24th December 2017.

Mental Health Day was commemorated on 10th October 2016 in the presence of Karnataka Judiciary.

A few new amenities, like (a) compound wall, (b) bore well and (c) bathrooms were added with the help of SKR Netherlands & OWC, Bangalore